Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some People, and Satan, suck(s)

You know, I work hard for my money. In fact, in order to try to get out of debt before Obama's economic collapse re-hits Texas, I have been working late at the expense of my family. Ask my precious daughter and my wonderful's been hard, and very stressful.

So, when I come home from a 2 day break (thank you God that we could get away) and smell gas in the house, I am alarmed. Now, I am not a hands on guy...I am a brain guy. I've replaced my share of water-heaters but...let me just say that we have a great dishwasher...that hasn't worked in a year...we have two of which is completely gutted. Sorry...I'm not handy. But when you smell gas in your freak out. I did the water and soap looking for bubbles thing. No luck. I called a plumber. Not just any plumber, but the plumber that goes to our church. Good phone call, they know us. See you after lunch. Great.

You know how this goes. You know why I feel like a stupid failure as a man. You could see it coming that the 2 guys who showed up, hired hands, NOT church members by any means, took full advantage...and you know that after $944 the gas leak was still there. (And took me 10 more minutes to locate and turn off.)

$100 is a LOT of money to us...and you, right now. I can't even explain to you what $1000 means. I'm just typing to say to those who think they are entitled to MY VERY hard earned money that they can kiss my A__. So I'm an idiot. So I jumped the gun and freaked about an hot water...whatever. If you were willing to spend 1.5 hours changing out the water heater (which you billed as if it was 3 hours) then at least FIND THE LEAK!

I'm really, really, really, really, really .... not surprised.

Satan loves low lifes. He specializes in them. He nurtures them; caresses them; owns them; and uses them to hurt his opposition. Tell you what low lifes: "Greater is He that is in ME than is in the world." Enjoy my money. I'll earn more as long as I can...and I'll pay my taxes, and I'll stay honest...but, I'll miss that $1000. I earned it. I liked it. I thought about it. We needed it.

You stink.


  1. Way to go Daddy!

  2. I should share that it wasn't the person who goes to our church who took advantage, it was two of his employees. Working for a good Christian doesn't make you a good Christian.

  3. I was going to say...come Sunday, will there be fisticuffs amongst the pews? Cause that alone might be worth the cost of a plane ticket. :)