Monday, July 20, 2009

"There's paint on your foot!"

We have been painting my daughters room for the past week or so. The first time was pretty easy since we were slapping pink paint on a white wall...Now, we are slapping light blue paint on a dark pink wall. That means that I have now actually painted her walls 3 times each (so far), plus the ceiling.

I would never do that for our own room. We haven't even thought of it. But since it is my little ones...hey, we are willing to spend the time and effort.

I have noticed that I am not one of those who likes to share tasks. I kind of want it done my way and would rather do it all myself. Ask my daughter if that is the way she likes to do things. NO. She feels that we should all be in there together, the three of us, painting. I love having her there...but she tends to get paint places that I do not want paint.

I have been really good for the most part...only barking at her a couple of times...but still. I recognize that actually, SHE is right, and I am wrong (of course). We are painting our child's room. OF COURSE it should be a family affair. OF COURSE we should be doing it together, and OF COURSE we should get paint in our hair, on our hands and feet, etc. That's what makes it memorable, that's what makes us family.

I once heard a speaker note that he looked forward to the problems encountered on a family vacation almost as much as the vacation itself. We are crisis driven people who would get bored without the flat tires, the lost room keys, the blisters, etc. Not to mention, those difficulties force the family to work together...and reveal the hidden strengths within each member.

My daughter has the gift of mercy (unless I've told her "no" or otherwise upset her...then, she's ruthless). Every drip, every mis-step and I can be sure she will chime in giving me an excuse ("Well, you didn't mean to daddy. Every body drops their paint brush sometimes.")

My wife on the other hand just grins and remembers all my warnings to her and my daughter to "Be careful, or else you'll get paint on that."

And by the way, the paint was on MY foot.