Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, well, well

It's not that I can't believe that we actually found Gwin...today, just now. After all, I did request prayers, we prayed, little one prayed, and you friends prayed some as well.... It's WHERE my daughter and wife found her.

You guessed it...she went home. Or at least to where she was running free with some of her buddies.

How does a 1 year old dog find her way from our house in a small town, five to ten miles away to her previous haunt? She's a dog!? HOW does that happen? I'm pretty amazed.

New question...how do we convince her to stay in her "new" home with us? Not so sure.

(And, did I finish fixing the fence? What do you think? (At least I started!)) It's going to be a long evening...

But, little one is happy....all is well.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok. I have a very MINOR issue compared to other's issues which I would never even think to burden anyone with if it were just for me....

But this is for my child.

Little one found a stray black Lab. about 5 miles from town while with her mother. The dog was obviously starving but responded very well to her (as Lab's are known to do.) We lost the dog, then searched the area a couple of times a day for three days, FOUND the dog, got the dog into the car and spent 100$ at the vet getting her checked out. She has been with us for 48 hours in our back yard, near our other older male lab. She is sweet, gentle, very hungry, and had a high fever but is being treated. This morning, we went outside to feed her and love on her...

You guessed it...Labs can JUMP. We have a silly low place in our 6 foot fence and she found it, and jumped it (at least 4 feet high) some time overnight.

Don't know where she is right now, we'll call the pound, post fliers etc. But you know how big her tears were this morning. OUCH!

Anyway, if you could breath a prayer, I know a little girl with a huge heart who would really love to have HER dog back.

Thanks. (Now I'm off to get some 6 foot pickets......)