Monday, October 26, 2009

A Brain Peek

So, we are sitting outside enjoying a "Sunday evening in the park" church service when my little one climbs on my lap and asks, "Daddy, how long did it take to get over losing your parents because it took me like 30 minutes to get over losing a light up reindeer." (Two years ago some miscreants stole the lighted Christmas deer we had purchased for her...Those were tears which made me want to hunt someone down...)

Just like that. Two disparate pieces of information combined in her brain with no apparent prompting. I love those little peeks inside of her brain.

The singing had started and I barely had time to say, "A very long time." I know she is at the age where she is really starting to process a lot of information which has been "over her head" so I will probably go back and build on that answer...I just wanted to record it here and note that every once in awhile our kiddos stop being the cared for and seek to be the caretakers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's great when a good plan comes together.

That's what I realized this morning on the way to drop Dora Diane at school.

My plan for her whole (8 year) life has been to model for her how to "look on the bright side" and "think positively." I tend to NOT be one of those people who automatically looks on the bright side but rather, have been accused of "worrying too much." That has not done much to make me a better person so, of course, I want to give my daughter the gift of seeing life differently. Over and over I have stifled my instinctive response in her presence and put a positive spin on whatever is happening at the moment.

Now, I also did not want to create a Pollyanna. Exchanging the delusion that everything is "bad" with the delusion that everything is "good" is no gift. I have worked to be realistic. I have found myself looking for and pointing out the "but at leasts."

Every once in awhile it seems as if my plan has crashed and burned...Dora is quite the dramatic when things are not going her way. But I try to hang on and have faith in the human spirit.

This morning I realized that the heater in my car is not working. Dora was quite interested in this and suggested I try this and that with the switches. At one point repeating something I know she hears from me frequently, "Well, let's give it some more time." Finally, when it was clear after 10 min. that the air was no warmer coming out of the vents she said in her best official sounding tone, "Well, that's ok, it's not TOO cold (it was 40). I'll bet it can be fixed."

I had to agree with a big knowing smile, "You're right Dora Diane, we'll get it fixed soon. And we are, after all, the 'Cold Team.'"

More on "Teams" later. But you know, it really is great to see a good plan come together. Now to work on the "Stay away from boys until you're 28" plan.

And an aside, my good friend just hit a "number of blog follower's milestone," and so did I! I broke 10. Thank you to everyone who follows! I appreciate your interest and hope that every once in awhile, you get a smile out of it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Better...but ever so slowly.

Well, she survived (again.) Every illness for little one still pushes me out of my comfort zone (where everything should be perfect and she should never get a bruise). Her flu was very, very mild and after the shot, she never complained about her throat again. The weekend involved NO fever but a lot of sleep. It was hard to watch her drag herself into the school this morning...which she did like a trooper. I was very proud of her.

She has Tiger with her, in his school hiding place in her backpack, so that made her smile.

Boy did we have some clashes this weekend though. So hard being so strong for her...I've realized that the strength I use to love her and play with her must be applied as well to disciplining her. It takes a special kind of strength to listen to her cry, close (slam) the door, and tell me to "go away" after I have sent her to her room.


She took the family for a walk last night after her 3 hour nap. Something we never would have done of our own accord. It was wonderful, the weather was perfect...and she only almost fell off of her razor scooter twice!

Hope you are having a GREAT day at school little one.