Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Who Gets Me?"

Yesterday my little one asked a lot of questions about who would "get" her if her Mommy and Daddy were to get a divorce.

What kind of a world...

I HATE that a child has to even THINK this thought...much less know anyone who has had to deal with this tragic occurrence in their life. Much less, MY child. I want to protect her from all of these things. And to think that MY life has led to some of her questions? Well that's just sick.

Talking with her revealed that she is not overwhelmed with the thought...just morbidly curious. Oh course we all do that on occasion:

"What would happen if I lose my job?"

"What would happen if I lost my house?"

"What would happen if I lost my spouse?"

"What would happen if I got a disease?"

"What if I lose my sense of sight?"

"What if they made a blockbuster movie about ROM Spaceknight and my whole series of ROM comics sold for $5,000,000?"

I try to throw a little wishful thinking in with my morbid curiosity from time to time...

(Yup...I have ALL of them...in little plastic bags...in a box in my closet...(oh no, I'm still a geek!))

Anyway. I think her Mom and I did a pretty good job of helping her understand that we would not do that to her...AND...that there are plenty of people to care for her (Big Brother, Auntie Hill, Auntie LaLa, Auntie BoBo....etc....)

Besides, she used her fears to reassure herself that Mommy and Daddy would indeed fight over her (and she demonstrated for us by having us act this out by playing tug of war with her arms.)

So, until her next bout of morbid curiosity...


  1. Ah,ROM,yes........would you possibly be interested in owning an entire series + incredible side streams of "Warriors of Plasm"...good price...I have (2) student loans to pay back....or maybe "Protectors"?

  2. Ken: I know you're jealous you never collected him!

    Jay: You mean I'm not the ONLY one with the entire series...I don't have the side streams though. Kudos to you!

  3. !Ay! !Ay! !Ay! MEN! U guys are too much!

  4. Ok bad wording...I have the entire series of 'Warriors of Plasm' with side streams. You remain the ROM authority and king.

  5. YES! I'm glad to be the king of something. We'll have to talk comics one day.