Thursday, February 11, 2010


Funny story.
A long, long time ago I began to "fix" our bathroom. I'm not so good at finally, call it a Valentine's gift, I called a plumber. He is a great guy and worked while we weren't home to get our pipes repaired. He thought he might be able to do it without having to cut through the wall behind the toilet...I wondered and hoped that he could.
First clue that he had to get back there...we arrived home and found our bathroom toilet (green toilet mind you) in the front yard. Ok, after trying to lift it, I understood why he had not carried it all the way to the back yard.
Still, that evening, under cover of darkness, out I went to quickly drag the really heavy old style toilet around to the back. I even turned off the lights in the front to avoid being spotted. Well, of course, right as I got to the middle of the front driveway...along came not one, but two slow moving cars. I would have loved to be one of the drivers seeing a guy dragging a toilet from his front to his backyard, at night, in a robe and slippers.
Oh yeah.


  1. That was a great story!

    I wish I could think of things like that.
    I think Mrs. Geezer would like me to be a little more out of the ordinary once and a while.

    God bless you and your family, Ron

  2. I hope you had a great weekend
    God bless you and have a wonderful week,