Monday, August 9, 2010

Fumbling In The Dark

Heard a quote about fumbling in the dark and of course I "saw a cross" and my mind went a riffing...

You know, it's bad enough that without a source of light, we all tend to fumble around bumping into hard circumstances and trying to figure our way out (or through) by ourselves. Life is full of stubbed toes, bruised egos, and wrong turn after wrong turn.

It's worse when we make the well meaning mistake of hooking up with someone who we think knows their way around in the dark...or at least keeps us from feeling so isolated only to discover that their sense of direction is much worse than ours.

Have you noticed that a disproportionate number of the "clowns" who believe they know where they are going and what they are doing are also ridiculously over-confident and persuasive. Yeah...probably has to do with a woeful lack of intelligence combined with a desperate need to deny any realization of their incompetence.

Pardon me for being angry with the turds again...It's just that whether they know it or not, they are "the bad guys" (only 14 more days until LOST season 6 comes out on DVD!!). Enemy agents who make life more difficult by leading others just as astray as they are.

I know I've been a bad guy before....a REALLY bad guy...

So I have hope for them...but part of being a bad guy is that YOU can't undo the damage that you helped do...and sometimes that damage is nearly

or totally


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  1. Dude,
    At some point, privately, you need to tell me what the fuck this means. I am totally clueless as to the point, which I am not saying is your fault, but I am just missing it somehow.

    Too many QUESTIONS, Mr. Wayne?