Monday, October 26, 2009

A Brain Peek

So, we are sitting outside enjoying a "Sunday evening in the park" church service when my little one climbs on my lap and asks, "Daddy, how long did it take to get over losing your parents because it took me like 30 minutes to get over losing a light up reindeer." (Two years ago some miscreants stole the lighted Christmas deer we had purchased for her...Those were tears which made me want to hunt someone down...)

Just like that. Two disparate pieces of information combined in her brain with no apparent prompting. I love those little peeks inside of her brain.

The singing had started and I barely had time to say, "A very long time." I know she is at the age where she is really starting to process a lot of information which has been "over her head" so I will probably go back and build on that answer...I just wanted to record it here and note that every once in awhile our kiddos stop being the cared for and seek to be the caretakers.

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  1. That was a tad out of the blue. I'm sure I'd have been way more flippant. Not're organizing a future response aren't you? :)