Monday, October 5, 2009

Better...but ever so slowly.

Well, she survived (again.) Every illness for little one still pushes me out of my comfort zone (where everything should be perfect and she should never get a bruise). Her flu was very, very mild and after the shot, she never complained about her throat again. The weekend involved NO fever but a lot of sleep. It was hard to watch her drag herself into the school this morning...which she did like a trooper. I was very proud of her.

She has Tiger with her, in his school hiding place in her backpack, so that made her smile.

Boy did we have some clashes this weekend though. So hard being so strong for her...I've realized that the strength I use to love her and play with her must be applied as well to disciplining her. It takes a special kind of strength to listen to her cry, close (slam) the door, and tell me to "go away" after I have sent her to her room.


She took the family for a walk last night after her 3 hour nap. Something we never would have done of our own accord. It was wonderful, the weather was perfect...and she only almost fell off of her razor scooter twice!

Hope you are having a GREAT day at school little one.

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  1. Glad it was nothing serious. This H1N1 has me freakin' a little.